Feature: Fuck A Blog, Dog

The idea of blogging used to make me irrationally angry just because it never felt like real journalism. Anyone can start a blog and after viewing hipster after hipster posting photos of pretty cats onto Tumblr and calling themselves bloggers, I thought I was eternally put off. I’ve now had my blog for 3(?) days and can honestly say I’ve had a drastic change in opinion. Although most people are going to hate my continuous posts about hip-hop music, I don’t care. Scanning through different users’ WordPress’ astounded me; there’s just such a diversity of blogs. If you’re passionate about anything, I recommend setting one up and sharing what you have to say. I’ve been looking at blogs and have been surprised at how interesting I’ve actually found them. But then I could just be looking in the right places… Time will tell if this could actually be an enjoyable experience. Who woulda thought?

Back to the music. #MuLa

– Gr!ff


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