Review: Tyga – Careless World: Rise Of The Last King

This is old as fuck, but I found it on my laptop and it might be of interest to somebody

Young Money affiliated rapper Tyga releases his second album in four years, and although it may be his sophomore set, it’s considered by many to be his major debut. After a four year period spent developing his own individual sound and improving his skills as an MC, the progress he has made is evident while his Young Money comrades have been in the limelight; Careless World is a showcase of all of Tygas talents.

With hit single Rack City’s great success, the bass-heavy, club friendly sound is reflected in several of the 22-year-old rappers songs on the LP. Tracks such as Faded and Potty Mouth are the type of songs which you will hear teenagers singing along to at parties, or blaring out of cars round a city. It’s fun and easy to listen to, which has become something of a trademark for Tyga. However fans of deeper, “smarter” rap will not be disappointed with cuts such as Kings And Queens in which he holds his own lyrically against veteran rapper Nas, as well the poetic Wale.

Although not necessarily a bad thing, influence from his colleagues is evident. Black Crowns and the reflective I’m Gone would fit right at home on a Drake album, and Motherfucker Up is complete with a Lil Wayne-esque beat and flow. Although good songs, they don’t create any more of a sense of identity for Tyga, and feels as if he is working off of others success to garner some of his own.

Despite these standout points, the album ultimately does have its lows. Celebration is an outdated, auto-tune assisted bore of a song and the Chris Brown featured For The Fame is a gooey poppy mess. Tyga occasionally gets caught up in the plethora of guests on his album; with features from Pharell, Nicki Minaj, Big Sean and all those mentioned above he sometimes struggles to shine with the amount of personalities surrounding him.

Careless World, although not perfect, is a solid album with many highlights; however there is room for Tyga to evolve, and fans will anticipate his next project.

Rating: 6/10              Highlights: Let It Show – Motherfucker Up – I’m GoneFadedKings And Queens


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