Feature: #MuLa's Top 10 J. Cole Guest Verses

We’ve been on bit of a hiatus recently, and didn’t post for over a week. This was due to factors out of our hands, but #MuLa is back with a new feature! Inspired by Dreamvilles very own being back on form with his new single Miss America, we decided to compile Jermaine’s top 10 guest verses. Expect more features soon and hit the C-Section if you disagree with our choices!


Number 10

DJ Khaled – They Ready (ft. J. Cole, Big KRIT & Kendrick Lamar) [prod. J. Cole)

Verse Start: 00:10

Cole didn’t actually have the best verse on this song alone, but he sets the tone of this sample-driven record with an energetic verse over his own production (which gives him extra points).

Number 9

Wale – Bad Girls Club (ft. J. Cole) [prod. J. Cole]

Verse Start: 2:14

Jermaine delivers a solid verse on this promo single from Wale. Lines like “Kush baby mama-less, yea no seeds” provide a bit of wit in this ode to bad girls. Also, he crafts a decent beat and a catchy-ass hook, so once again gets bonus points.

Number 8

Big Sean – 24Karats Of Gold (ft. J. Cole) [prod by Key Wayne]

Verse Start: 2:35

“Is this a dream? Cos that how it feel/ Sometimes I gotta squeeze that fat ass to see if its real” J. Cole begins his verse on this typically-Cole, lighthearted come up tale. And don’t even mention the flow on the “Swervin’ all crazy” line.

Number 7

Wale – Rather Be With You (ft. J. Cole & Curren$y) [prod. 9th Wonder]

Verse Start: 0:40

This hilarious ode to vagina is opened by Cole, and he definitely delivers a standout and witty verse. The “Since you already bleeding, that mean i don’t get to cut?!” line alone makes this verse a worthy member of the list.

Number 6

Tyga – Let It Show (ft. J. Cole) [prod. J. Cole]

Verse Start: 2:45

Another song produced by Jermaine, another stand-out guest verse. His flow on this one is sick, and he really bounces off the mellow beat.

Number 5

Tinie Tempah – Like It Or Love It (ft. Wretch 32 & J. Cole) [prod. S-X]

Verse Start: 2:31

For me personally, it was great to see J. Cole on a British rap song, and although he had close competition from Wretch, i think he delivers the best verse. His flow is just unstoppable over this hard beat.

Number 4

Maybach Music Group – Fitted Cap (ft. J. Cole) [prod. Beat Billionaire]

Verse Start: 3:02

J. Cole rinses Wale, Meek Mill and Rick Ross on their own song, absolutely murdering it with the last verse. It was good to  hear him over a trap beat and out of his comfort zone a little, but he still flows effortlessly and makes it sound easy.

Number 3

Wale – Beautiful Bliss (ft. Melanie Fiona & J. Cole) [prod. DJ Green Lantern & Mark Ronson]

Verse Start: 1:46

You know it gets no better than this. Its a hat trick for Cole over Wale songs, and this is the best one. He seriously ethers it, like Eminem on Renegade.  Cole made sure other Mcs best be on their toes.

Number 2

Kanye West – Looking For Trouble (ft. Pusha-T, Cyhi The Prynce,  Big Sean & J. Cole) [prod. Kanye West]

Verse Start: 4:00

Although following from Big Sean’s stellar verse, and having to face off against other members of the G.O.O.D. family, Cole still shines. When the instrumental is fading and the song seems like its over, in comes Jermaine and he absolutely smashes it (so much so that he carries on after the instrumentals finished going accapella). “They say you are what you eat and i STILL aint pussy”- haha. This verse is always gonna be special to me after seeing him come out live to it. So sick.

Number 1

Jay-Z – A Star Is Born (ft. J. Cole) [prod. Kanye West]

Verse Start: 2:55

In an almost biblical baptism of fire, Jay-Z introduces the world to his new protege, on a song about the past greats in Hip-Hop. And not only does Cole deliver, he provides probably the best verse of his life, guest verse or not. This song was basically the reason he blew up, and judging by this he thoroughly deserved it. A star was definitely born right here.


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