Featured Artists

Theodore Grams

Rapper/Producer/Songwriter who’s making a hell of a lot of noise in Philadelphia, USA. With a shed load of mixtapes already under his belt, and having worked with just about every underground rapper in Philly (aswell as Chiddy Bang), Grams is a name to keep an eye on. We hustlin’.




Indie band from Bristol who have played at several prestigious independent venues in the city. Although currently on a hiatus, you can expect more from lead singer of the band Ollie Overton, who has several projects in the works. For now, check out the bands atmospheric and low key music.



Abee Hague

17 year old singer/songwriter Abee has one of those powerful and individual voices that you so rarely hear. Topped with her songwriting talents, she has a gift to craft beautiful sounding songs, as well as being able to deliver in a live performance.




Teen rapper from the south-west of England who’s amassing a HUGE amount of buzz. Having performed at massive festivals such as BrisFest and BoomTown, as well as touring with the likes of drum and bass legend Danny Byrd, Gardna is an artist who has a hell of a lot of a future ahead of him.




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